About Us

Janodaya completes 30 years of its journey by March 2017; fulfilling its objectives, through services and programmes.

"Women Empowerment" being the focus area of work; Janodaya facilitated access to socio-legal-economic justice and constitutional rights to its project beneficiaries and participants.

Janodaya has a credible place in NGO sector and state government for availing services to Women's welfare, protection, shelter needs provision; skill development, employment, financial services and counseling services.

Janodaya developed and introduced alternative module of justice to be accessed by beneficiaries through mutual settlement process and procedures through its legal desk services and documented through legal process.

Janodaya Trust believes in natural resource management, co-ordination of living with other spices in the nature and maintain peaceful environment for all to live.

Vision & Mission

An equal and equitable society for all men and women to live in Peace, Dignity and Independence.

Janodaya visualizes development as mutual process and partnership; a social commitment to the weak and disadvantaged; creation of a society with food security; political freedom; access to rights; to life; and livelihood.


• Capacitate and develop human resource with skills for self management and sustainability.
• Facilitate and lobby for rights and justice access.
• Empower communities and groups for collective power, participation and action.
• Promote and network for livelihood and human rights of target groups.
• Setup facilities and platforms for knowledge sharing and support schemes from government resource agencies for:-

- Children groups
- Youth groups
- Community groups
- Women groups

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