Way Forward Plans

All the services that have been initiated and implemented by Janodaya in the last 30 years shall be continued in practice promoting and facilitating the continuity through volunteer’s service, in their own communities.

Janodaya intends to develop 3 major institutional setups, to continue the services for humanity with the objective of availing guidance, knowledge, skills, planning and implementation strategies for the beneficiaries approaching in all their supportive needs

1. Integrated community living project

This initiatives to have about 5 acres of land in which all population requiring temporary accommodation and learning process availability to realize their dreams for socio-legal-economic empowerment, health and develop sustainability of their lives.

2. Clinical services for the dying and death rites.

Establish, provide and facilitate health services through residential wellness programme for achieving mental and physical health, for all who approach Janodaya.

3. Promotion and production of organic food security.

Nature and environment being the base for human race continuity, natural living and food security promotion, Janodaya intends to develop and create clean and healthy agriculture practices among farmers and producers of food. This enterprise with healthy agriculture practices; animal husbandry; plantation of trees and environmental exposure visibility for conservation programme – solid waste management, gobar gas; Rain water harvesting; management of low input agriculture practices (leisa model) marketing outlets; supply chain; trainings in the centre, shall be regular activities ongoing.

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