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In the year 2000-01one of the apparel export industry was suspended from its operations by merchandiser's network for non-compliance of Act and report released on media network. The company identified Janodaya and appointed them as consultants for service providing under third party contract to look into the issues of workers in their apparel export factories.

Considering the women work force in the production unit of the company and earning their livelihoods, Janodaya accepted to mediate and look after the workers issues and problems for resolutions.

With the service providing of Janodaya to apparel industry, later women’s welfare at work place was brought under legal implications such as violation at work place DV Act, dowry harassment Act, labour laws, minimum wage policy, Street Vendors National policy for livelihoods, Overtime wages, safe and security environment, respectful behaviour, socials security benefits to the workers came in to, strengthening the laws related.

With the above, Janodaya was invited as consultant and advisors by 13 apparel industries in Bangalore Urban to provide the same services and monitor the safe and secure work place environment for workers.

All the services were introduced after the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace introduced as an Act 2013, Amendment 2016 by the judiciary and endorsement by the parliament.

Under the POSH Act guidelines, committee of workers/staff with an external member to participate in the committee for maintaining and monitoring POSH act implementation in every factory, industry, institution came into force.

With this Act to be implemented, mandatorily by every company, the workers got a legal platform to register their workplace complaints with the committee, participate in the enquiry procedure and access settlement benefit to their complaints.

Definition of the sexual harassment at work place defined as 5 major components mentioned here below:-

• Physical contact
• A demand or request for sexual favours
• Sexually coloured remarks
• Showing pornography
• Any other physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.

Janodaya is a training, advisory and implementation of POSH Act NGO for and on behalf of Government Women and Child Development Department.

  • POSH Act Training – Apparel Industry, Indian Designs

  • Factory POSH Committee Training by Janodaya Counselor

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