Migrant Workers Livelihood Project

One of the Residential facility for Migrant workers by Janodaya

Visit by International Union for workers group - SPAIN

Sports activity for workers


Karnataka state under developed infrastructure, technology, employment opportunities, education and growing as “A’ class city, labour resource is indeficiency.

Whereas, Northern BIMARU states and North-eastern states do not have opportunities for development, education and employment as much.

Concept of “MWLP” as developed by Janodaya for Apparel Industry is to absorb as many as skilled migrant workers from private and central government schemes; into industrial setup in Karnataka.

Most of the beneficiaries come from BIMARU and North-eastern states, mobilized and provided with skill training through central government schemes for Apparel industry.

Most of the migrant workers coming into employment with industrial sector in Karnataka/Bangalore come from economically backward communities from North Indian states. They are migrant population coming with an objective of finding employment livelihood and poverty alleviation.

Income Generation, welfare of the family and small savings are major thought process of the migrant’s workers coming in with employment.

When migrant workers come into employment in Karnataka, they are aliens to local langue, culture and practices. They leave their parents and homes behind and need to adopt local environment while they are employed in Karnataka.

Health Check-up Camp at RF

Resident Workers Meeting at one of the Residential facility

Janodaya Role

Janodaya has been identified, selected and appointed by companies and industries who hire the workforce to look after their welfare, health safety and security, service providing and assist the workers and their day to day support needs and network for their self management issues.

Janodaya is responsible and accountable to the companies on the workers, who are cared by Janodaya for them.

Reports and documents of the workers in relationship to employment, health safety and other basic needs are the responsibility of Janodaya.

Network with the parents left behind in their states and welfare of the workers residing with Janodaya RFs is a contract signed by Janodaya for companies/industries, so that, migrant workers have a third party to get support and service in their needs in Janodaya.

Management and safety security of the living space created for migrant workers is an ongoing activity for Janodaya staff/volunteers/caretakers/security staff; under women empowerment programme and services.

  • Caretakers training by Zonal Head

  • Staff team of MWLP

  • Celebration of Holi

  • Pest control team working at Residential facility

  • National event celebration

  • Nutrition provided sample to Resident workers

  • Sump tank cleaning under maintenance

  • Grievance committee meeting at one of the RF

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