“Conventional agriculture to organic agriculture practices with food security objective"

Certificate of Authorization Regional Council

Consumer Awareness Programme

Organic Producers marketing at Highway

  • Janodaya worked with organic movement projects for 12 years; since 2003-04

  • Registered Janodaya organic farmer's co-operative dated 16.07.2012 register No.137/2313/2011-12

  • Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) groups formed with marginal farmers in villages – trained and connected to production and marketing activities for improving their livelihood, economic strength and sustainability of organic agriculture practices.

  • Co-operative share holders initiated their own economic/marketing enterprises and partnered with marketing companies, for better prices and opportunities.

  • Janodaya has been appointed as “Regional Council” for certification of PGS products with groups.

  • Janodaya was one of the NGO considered for State government of Karnataka for organic farmer’s production, training for production and marketing activities through government funding for the programme.

  • Under Janodaya, promotional activities, co-operative member leaders have initiated their own marketing, production and processing activities with registration of companies under them. City market of organic products increased and divided between co-operative members, with market area division.

  • Government funded/support came into organic producers and enterprises, through subsidiary and benefits.

  • Demand for organic products increased with better and higher pricing, which strengthened livelihoods of organic farmers.

  • Janodaya continues to be advisory and supportive organization for farmers and market connectivity.

  • Cluster group of NGOs from south Indian states were supported by HIVOS funding agency from Netherlands for 7 years to work with farmers of 5 states through their funding.

  • Mini market establishment for area based supply of products was the concept of Janodaya, initiated in the year 2007-08

  • Organic Products – Mobile marketing

  • Janodaya Organic Bazaar at working women's Hostel, Koramangala

  • Network meeting of project partners

  • State level conference

  • Janodaya Organic farmers Co-operative promotion Training

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