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  • Janodaya was a pioneer NGO, in 2002 to have its own legal support service cell, operated with support from foreign fund grants.

  • This legal service desk provided a platform for vulnerable and victims of social/domestic violence; to negotiate with complaining and responding parties for mutual settlement of disputes and solve the issues; without approaching the mainstream courts.

  • Janodaya had/have the services of Advocates to assist counselors to sensitize on legal literacy on the issues and to do the documentation of the settlement agreements, between the parties, maintain records and to even submit the same to relevant courts to be considered for judgment and closing of the case.

  • This programme assisted thousands of women to get speedy and cost free justice at Janodaya legal desk.

  • This programme was initiated as part of the project for “Women prisoners’ release, rehabilitation and social mainstreaming project”, implemented by Janodaya for 12 years and the legal desk services continued providing the same services, even after the prisoners project was ended; with the support funds from GOK, WCD.

  • Since 2002-2003, Janodaya helps women victims of socio-legal, domestic, marital, cultural and any other physical-mental violence, to find solutions, through counseling and mutual settlement process at women’s helpline service desk.

  • Later since 2003-04 year, government of Karnataka has supported NGOs to organize “Santhwana” (Women’s Helpline) units in all districts/talukas to help women to access justice and find solution to their problems through helpline services. These units are financially supported by women and child development department, government of Karnataka.

  • At present Janodaya has 3 Santhwana” – Women’s helpline units functioned at 3 locations, in Bangalore Urban district.

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