* Womwn Empowerment.
* Child development support.
* Rural livelihood Development
* Socio-legal Justice
* Economic Empowerment- Micro credit services,savings.
* Enterprises - capacity and Business Initiatives.
* Other services - child rights, health care, rights access ets.

* Training for skills,knowledge and capacity development.
* Shelter and rehabilitation - emergency care.
* Counseling helpline and legal services.
* Employment placement support and enterprise development.
* Agro based livelihood activities.
* Release, rehabilitation and social integration for prisoners and families.
* Formal and non formal education to children/adults.
* Residential and non residential education syupport.
* Lobbying and bargaining for workers rights.
* Facility for research, trainings, exposure and field work oppurtunities to students and activists.
* Policy advocacy for the rights of the vulnurable.
* Livelihood promotion through savings and Micro credit.
* Assistance to retail trades, street vending and petty businesses.
* Housing products including sanitation.
* Networking with service providers in thye development sector.
* Financial services to women entrepreneurs.

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